Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Army Battalion facilitates delivery of books for peace in conflict-stricken communities in Bukidnon

IMPASUGONG, Bukidnon - the 8th Infantry Battalion of the Army’s 4th Infantry Division launch its “Peacebook Project” on February 10, 2016, during the Municipal Peace and Order Council Meeting at the Municipal Conference Room in Impasugong, Bukidnon by facilitating the turn-over of books for peace to its beneficiary schools in the said municipality. The books, which will be delivered to Ulayanon Elementary School in Barangay Kalabugao and Bulonay Elementary School in Barangay Bulonay, all of Impasugong town, were turned over to Dr. Ramilito P. Paloma, Ph. D., Schools District Supervisor of Impasugong, in the presence of Hon. Anthony A. Uy, the Municipal Mayor, and the 2 Punong Barangays where the beneficiary schools are located. The project intends to promote good morale values and cast the idea of violence in the minds of our young generations, especially in identified conflict-affected areas, by utilizing children’s books that portray many of life’s lessons on the value of love and peace. This project was made possible through the Asia Foundation and the cooperation of the Local Government Units of Bukidnon as well as the Department of Education in the province.

The 8th Infantry Battalion have continuously invested in its efforts on Bayanihan Team Activities which is centered at peace building and conflict mitigation in communities that are most affected by insurgency. In the town of Impasugong, Bukidnon, 2015 has been significantly a peaceful year which can be attributed to the deployment of the battalion’s Bayanihan Teams back in 2014 that helped facilitate the delivery of basic services to the communities and opened up developmental projects such as the road concreting project of the Damay-Kalabugao road, a 30 km road concreting project implemented through the PAMANA (Payapa at Masaganang Mamamayan) Program. As part of it’s post Bayanihan Team Activities, the “Peacebook Project” exemplify the battalion’s commitment to free the community, especially the children and the minors, from the exploitations of leftist groups and the NPA that only promote violence as a means of solving local issues. This is amidst the recent issues that surfaced in the limelight of traditional and social media on the alleged communist-ran schools in the different hinter areas in Mindanao, which “radicalize” the minds of the children and inculcate violence and armed revolution as a way towards achieving peace.

Meanwhile, in his message, LTC LENNON G BABILONIA INF (GSC) PA, Commanding Officer of the 8th Infantry Battalion, stated that “We consider our schools as the second home for our children and therefore, these institutions are sacred. And being so, we must protect and preserve its sanctity by investing in our future and focusing our efforts in bringing goodwill to our schools by promoting peace through various activities, instead of radicalizing the minds of our pupils, our students and our children. We must teach our children the values and very foundation of caring for one another, respecting others' rights, and embracing harmony towards creating a culture of peace in the community. Through these books, we hope to bring forth the importance of education as a long term ticket to a peaceful and better life. This project is another convergence program, which signifies our strength in unity. This is what our AFP’s campaign plan is all about, this is what IPSP Bayanihan is all about.”

Source: 8th Infantry Battalion, 4th Infantry Division, Philippine Army

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