Friday, October 7, 2016

TF Davao starts IEC vs terror

THE TASK Force Davao is visiting schools and business establishments in raising awareness on the role of the public to combat terrorism.

President Rodrigo Duterte in previous interviews warned that the blast at Roxas night market on Sept. 2, which killed 15 and wounded 69 others, won’t be the last.

Speaking in yesterday’s AFP-PNP press conference, Col. Erwin Bernard Neri, commander of TF Davao, told reporters that they have additional innovations on the security measures being implemented to deter the threat.

“We are stricter now in checkpoints and same as usual, we would like to ask for the understanding of the public,” Neri said.

Neri said there is a need to for people to know their civic roles to make sure that terror groups would not succeed in their efforts to sow violence.

“It’s important that they have vigilance individually or as a group,” he said.

Last Sept. 24, the TF Davao and the city government conducted an anti-terrorism forum attended by around 225 participants coming from the different barangays, along with tribal leaders.

“Our objective is to make our local leaders aware on what is really the threat on terrorism,” he said. “This is part of the detection aspect because in the community level, if they will observe very unusual entry of suspicious persons or objects being left behind, it is important that it is immediately reported.”

Source: by Rhoda Grace Saron

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