Saturday, October 22, 2016


EMC Grandstand, HEMC, NSFA,Panacan, Davao City - Today’s ceremony marks another milestone in the history of Davao City. It can be recalled that many years back, Davao City has been the victim of terrorist attacks that saw the deaths of innocent civilians and the destruction of properties. These incidents paved the way for the activation of Task Force Davao in 2003 which since then has been performing anti and counter terrorism missions to guard against a terrorist attack.

It has been 13 years since then, and the city has gone through a dramatic transformation. With improved peace and security conditions, business investments, tourism, industries and development projects started to pour into the city and within a short period of time, Davao City became an important commercial, industrial and political hub in Southern Philippines.

With these developments came changes in the security landscape. The election of our incumbent President, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, the former Mayor of Davao City, brought the city and the entire region into even more prominence, both locally and internationally, attracting the attention of not only businessmen and politicians, but also of criminals and terrorists, who saw the area as a viable target for sinister activities. And true enough, despite our relentless efforts, they have been able to carry out such activities on several occasions, the most recent of which was last September 2.

To date, the threat of terrorism continues to loom not only over Davao but over the rest of the world. And as terrorists and terrorism continue to evolve, so must we and the methods that we use to fight them.

It is for this reason that today, we activate JTF Haribon. Conceived to perform as a tri service organization, JTF Haribon expands both the coverage and capabilities of TF Davao and its attached military units in the performance of its anti and counter terrorism role.

With Army, Airforce and Navy units under its operational control, the JTF has the resources that it needs to conduct a wide range of conventional and special operations to better serve the people of Davao City and its neighboring cities and municipalities.

And so, as we hold today’s ceremony in the presence of our esteemed mayor and stakeholders. I urge and enjoin all our partners to extend their utmost support to JTF Haribon, because as we know, our security forces can only be as effective as the level of cooperation and support extended to them by the people of the community. Let us therefore continue to work together to make our community safe and peaceful.

Once again, Welcome and Good Morning.

Source: Public Information Office, Eastern Mindanao Command, AFP

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