Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Assumption Message of Col. Gilbert I. Gapay as Commander of JTF Haribon

WITH GREAT PRIDE AND HUMILITY, I assume the duties and responsibilities as commander of JTF Haribon and I humbly dedicate myself to the fulfillment of its mission.

I would like to express my gratitude to my predecessor, BGen Ronnie S Evangelista AFP whose fine leadership ensured that jtf haribon remained focused, ready, and accomplished. 

To the brave and dedicated officers, men, and women of JTF Haribon, ladies, and gentlemen, a pleasant morning to all of you. Thank you for honoring this occasion with your presence.

JTF Haribon is a very relevant initiative in the quest for lasting peace, stability, and security in Davao City and its immediate peripheries from terrorism, lawlessness, violence, and crime. Truth beholds, the geographic spread of the Haribon’s AOR can never be underestimated. We are deemed to face challenges ahead of us requiring more hard work, dedication, and commitment to the call of duty. As Davao City becomes the alternate seat of government following the presidency of then mayor, now President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, it is critically important for us to preserve the values, sustain the peacefulness, and overcome the security and safety challenges of Davao City and its immediate peripheries.

As I assume command of joint task force haribon today, I, therefore, affirm my commitment to support the vision and mission of the unit in accordance with the priority agenda of the local and national government for security, peace, and development.

With a common vision and shared commitment between and among the commander, officers, and personnel down the line, the task force ensures to break grounds amidst challenges making itself a fully accomplished unit of the AFP.

We shall continue to sustain the gains of the unit by intensifying relationship with our stakeholders – both in the private and public sphere as well as working closely with the PNP and other law enforcing agencies to suppress and prevent the incidents of terrorism, violence and other similar forms of criminalities. We shall also be mobilizing our personnel to become proactive and prepared for disaster and humanitarian response. 

Through cooperation and jointness, we will be able to efficiently and effectively function to the fulfillment of our mission and mandate. The preparedness of the ground force is an indispensable element, not only in forming the future of the armed forces but also in reaching a peaceful and developed community.

The people of Davao have placed their faith on us. Let us not fail them. Let us assure that Davao city will continue to rise and soar again like an eagle, like a brave soldier from a ferocious battle. I urge everyone to stand up and live for and by the values that dwell in the heart of every DavaoeƱo, of every Filipino. Let us work together in the spirit of Bayanihan as we continue to move forward towards progress, towards peace.

Daghang salamat ug mabuhay!

Source: Public Information Office, Eastern Mindanao Command, AFP

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