Friday, March 2, 2018

NPAs Continue to Surrender in ComVal and DavNor

MACO, Compostela Valley – New People’s Army members in Compostela Valley and Davao Norte continues to yield to government and return to the folds of the law. Since December 21 last year up to this date at least 39 regulars, 179 Milisya Ng Bayan, 73 Sangay Ng Partido and 586 Mass Supporters of the NPA surrendered to the 1001st Infantry Brigade, Philippine Army.

During the same period, 15 firearms and nine Improvised Explosive Devices were recovered by the government forces in these two provinces.

Among the surrenderees are 16 personalities holding vital positions in the movement like Ka Anthony, the Commanding Officer of Sandatahang Yunit Pampropaganda of Guerilla Front 2; Ka Charry, the Vice-Commanding Officer of Pulang Bagani Company 8 and Ka Dindo, a Political Instructor of Guerilla Front 33.

In an assessment made by 1001st Brigade of the 10th Infantry Division, Philippine Army which has operational jurisdiction of some parts of Davao Norte and some parts of Compostela Valley, the massive influx of surrenderors is the result of President Rodrigo Duterte’s visit to Panacan in Davao City last December 21, 2017, where he had a dialogue with 700 Former Rebels and offered them various assistances to start a new and peaceful life and encouraged other terrorists who are still active in the terrorist movement to surrender

According to Col. Erwin Bernard L. Neri, Commander of the Army’s 1001st Brigade, many of those who surrendered felt the difficulty of continuously running away from the pursuing troops.

In a related development, a SPARU member of the NPA Terrorists named alias Jano and a sub-section collector named alias Lenny was also apprehended here in Maco while extorting money from the residents.

Accordingly, their apprehension came after responding troops received information from the residents of a community in Maco that the two are coercing and forcing them to give money.

Col. Neri expressed his gratitude to the community for providing information leading to the arrest of said NPA personalities and he likewise exhorted other community-based groups and individuals to continue supporting the Army to hasten the attainment of lasting and genuine peace in the area.

“This development is an offshoot of the continued support of the community exhibiting their disgust and hatred to the communist terrorist movement”, Neri concluded.

Source: 1001st Infantry Brigade, 10th Infantry Division, PA

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