Tuesday, September 22, 2020

2FAB assesses its performance, held its 3rd Quarter Unit Conference with Key NCOs

MAWAB, Davao de Oro - As the 3rd quarter of the fiscal year nearing its close, the 2nd Field Artillery “First Round Accuracy” Battalion conducted its 3rd Quarter Unit Conference which was attended by the Battalion’s Staff Officers and Key NCOs and the line Battery Commanders along with their respective Platoon sergeants held at the battalion’s Cannoneers Hall.

The said conference was able to evaluate and assess the unit’s performance vis-à-vis its goals and checked the alignment of efforts of every personnel towards mission accomplishment of the unit.

The whole-day activity had learning activities, after the formal opening program, such as military leadership emphasizing on leadership traits and principles to lead men in the frontlines; military correspondences, to help them with their much-needed reports and documentation on the ground; and, short workshop regarding Problem Solving using the Problem Tree Analysis wherein battery commanders and their platoon sergeants were taught on how to correctly identify and resolve problems.

The conference continued with the briefing presentation by the respective line Battery Commanders. Their programs, activities, and projects were evaluated and their relevance was assessed regarding its alignment to the battalion’s thrusts. Future plans and activities were also assessed and discussed, and different issues and concerns were addressed.

The Battalion’s accomplishment report was also presented to the line commanders which opens awareness on their significant contributions to the unit and further aligns collective efforts to achieve the specific goals of the battalion.

The event closed with the guidance of the battalion commander, LTC ROSA MA CRISTINA ROSETE-MANUEL FA (GSC) PA, where she emphasized “synchronization of efforts and unit cohesiveness as a significant factor in attaining the unit mission and tasks.”

The commander further stressed, “accomplish planned program, activities, and projects in relation to the units ATR Scorecard and to always consider alignment with the Higher Headquarters’ thrusts.”

She ended by reminding the troops to always stay safe and healthy amidst the pandemic, “our health should be our foremost concern since it is the most important factor in accomplishing our individual tasks.”

The activity was conducted with utmost consideration on CoVid19 Safety Protocols throughout the duration of the event.

Source: 2nd Field Artillery Battalion, Army Artillery Regiment, PA

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