Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Army welcomes newborn baby of former NPA Amazon

BUENAVISTA, Agusan del Norte
– An eighteen (18) year old pregnant former member of the New People’s Army (NPA) successfully delivered her first baby on the 9th day of October 2020 at the Agusan del Norte Provincial Hospital in Barangay Libertad, Butuan City.

It was late in the evening when Alias Wena felt the pain in her tummy as a sign that she will be giving birth to her first baby. She was then assisted by the troops of the 23rd Infantry (Masigasig) Battalion and immediately brought to the hospital.

Alias Wena (true name withheld for security reason) serves as the Squad Medic of SYP SIKOP, Guerrilla Front-4A, North Central Mindanao Regional Committee (NCMRC) for nearly two (2) years.

She was lured and recruited by the Communist NPA Terrorist (CNT) at the young age of sixteen (16). She had big dreams in life but realized that she could not finish her studies because of poverty.

To pursue her dreams, she applied as a working student and studied at Buenavista National High School in Agusan del Norte. Unfortunately, she was not able to finish her schooling because the leaders of the CNTs destroyed her life and killed her dreams and ambitions.

She was easily lured by the CNTs also because her father and her two (2) other brothers were also active members of the armed group. In other words, her entire family was ruined by the CNTs by taking the most important foundation of their family which was her father - the person who should be guiding, protecting, taking care, and looking after them while they grow.

Alias Wena together with her companion Alias Apay who was also pregnant was rescued by the troops of 23IB in Barangay Guinabsan, Buenavista, Agusan del Norte way back May 16, 2020.

They then stayed inside the Masigasig Happy Home and were assisted and monitored by the FR NCO especially during their prenatal, ultrasound, and other necessary activities to make sure that they will deliver their babies healthily.

The unit also made sure that they can avail of all the assistance and benefits offered by the government for the FRs.

Alias Wena thanked the government especially the PSWD, PLGU Agusan Norte, and the 23IB, and other line government agencies who never failed to extend assistance to them especially to her who is bearing her first child.

She needed a peaceful environment, nutritious foods, and must not be stressed as being pregnant is so sensitive to stressful environments. Unfortunately, her husband, who was also a member of the CNT, already passed away. She needs to stand on her own but luckily, the government is always ready to help her anytime.

“Grabe ka lisod ang akong naagian sa panahon nga naa pako sulod sa kalihu kan. Walay tarong nga tulog, kaon ug kanunay pa gyod ko nga kulbaan labi na kay nakaagi na mi og engkwentro. Dili maayo para sa pareha nako nga usa ka buros nga mapasmuhan, dili maka tulog og tarong unya hago pa gyod kaayo sige ug lakawsa lasang. Gi lakaw antos nako ang tanang kalisod kay nagtoo ko nga mao na gyud to ang klase sa kinabuhi nga akong pakamatyan. Dako gyod ang akong pasalamat sa gobyerno ug sa kasundaluhan kay matinudgidawat ug guhatagan og bagong pagl anon sila sa pagtabang namo ug ila ming aom. Ila usab ming gi trato og maayo ug gitabangan labi na sa akong pagpanganak. Dako akong kalipay nga nahimugso nako ang akong anak sa kahayag ug maningkamot ko nga mahatagan nako siya og hayag nga kaugmaon aron dili niya maagian ang kalisod sa akong naagian kay dali kong nadala ug nalingla sa mga NPA tungod usab kay kulang ko sa kahibalo sa kamatuoran. Akong padak on ang akong anak ug tabangan nga makab sa kinabuhi,” alias Wena said.

Meanwhile, Lt. Col. Julius Cesar C Paulo, the Acting Commander of 23IB happily welcomed the newborn baby. He expressed gladness upon knowing the baby was successfully and healthily delivered despite the pandemic that we are facing.

“I am glad that another blessing enters inside our Battalion. While the NPAs are only good in destroying families, your army and the government will mend what the NPAs have broken especially the families,” Paulo said.

He added that Alias Wena was one of the survivors in the encounter that transpired in Sitio Likudon, Brgy Kamanikan, Gingoog City way back May 10, 2020, wherein fifteen (15) NPA combatants were killed in action and Alias Nady (their comrade), a pregnant NPA Amazon was one of the casualties.

“Indeed, coming back to the folds of the law is the most wonderful thing that the FRs can give to themselves especially for the Amazon because it is so dangerous for them. You are destined to be the light of your families to guide your children. You are not supposed to be suffering in the mountains to fight against the government wit hout gaining any profit,” Paulo said.

The 23rd IB commander also hoped that the life of Alias Wena will inspire NPA Amazons who are still chained by the wrong ideology of the NPA to go back to the folds of the law, lay down their arms and unite with their families and communities in ending the local communist armed conflict.

“Do not be afraid. We will ensure your security because we know that any threats against you coming from the lawless CNTs will also be threats against your children and we will never allow any unnecessary things to happen to you and your family. We are always here to protect,” Paulo said.

Source: Civil-Military Operations Office, 23rd Infantry Battalion, Joint Task Force Diamond, PA

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