Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Former Supporters denounce their support to the CPP-NPA terrorist

MADRID, Surigao del Sur
- A total of 30 mass supporters vowed their loyalty and allegiance to the government at Barangay Buntalid, Cantilan, Surigao del Sur on October 19, 2020.

The Thirty (30) former rebels consisting of one (1) recruiter, four (4) lie low, five (5) contact and twenty (20) couriers / mass supporters who are all residents of Brgy Buntalid, Cantilan of this province ultimately uphold the constitutional mandate to serve and support the government’s goal towards socio-economic development and long and lasting peace.

It can be recalled that Brgy Buntalid was vulnerable to CPP-NPA infiltration and recruitment but through the continuous effort of the Community Support Program (CSP) team deployed in with the undertakings of bringing peace and development initiatives, the propaganda of the CPP-NPA terrorist was revealed.

In close collaboration with the different government agencies the Poverty Reduction, Livelihood, and Employment Cluster (PRLEC) implement livelihood program and skills development which is responded positively by the former supporters.

Mike, 40 yrs old, one of the former rebels who were a former recruiter, organizer, and Improvised Explosive Device (IED) maker said he decided to surrender because he realized that for ten (10) years of supporting the NPA terrorist, all of their promises were not realized.

He was also thankful that he is now on the side of the government as he can no longer bear in his conscience the guilt of putting innocent people’s lives in danger and miserable.

Hon. Ruben R. Rubi, Barangay Chairman led the Oath Taking Ceremony and he urged the surrenderees to take seriously the opportunity given to them.

He added that through their withdrawal of support to the NPA terrorist will lead to peace and development of their community.

In his statement, LTC JEZREEL J DIAGMEL, Commanding Officer of 36IB said “the continuous mass surrenders are the result of the military`s persistent combat operation and immersion of the unit Community Support Team in identified CNT pretentious areas in the municipalities of CARCANMADCARLANCORTAN."

Without the support of the masses, their plans of attacks and atrocities to the communities will not thrive. We call on the remaining CNT leaders and members to surrender and join the government in attaining long-lasting peace and development for the sake of your family.

Source: Civil-Military Operations Office, 36th Infantry Battalion, Joint Task Force Diamond, PA

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