Thursday, October 22, 2020

NPA Militia Surrenders, Reveals Arms Cache in Davao de Oro

MAWAB, Davao de Oro
- The 71st Infantry "Kaibigan" Battalion discovers arms cache after the revelation of a milisyang bayan (MB) in Brgy. Libay-libay, Maco, Davao De Oro, today.

Alyas Toto, a former member of the Milisya ng Bayan who surrendered yesterday to the Cafgu Active Auxiliary (CAA) of 71IB revealed that a certain alyas Jeg, leader of their group, left in his custody three (3) high-powered firearms where he later divulge its location.

Upon the revelation of the location of the arms cache, immediately LTC Sonny E Gonzales tasked this unit's Intelligence Officer to organize the Intel Operatives for a joint operation, composed of 71st IB, 101MICO, 1101st MFC RFMB of PNP whom proceeded to the area and captured one (1) AK47 rifle with one (1) magazine loaded with 24 7.62mm live ammo, one(1) M16 rifle with one (1) long and one (1) short magazines and one (1) M14 rifle with one (1) magazine loaded with 11 7.62mm live ammo.

The recovery of these firearms will have significant impact to the Communist Terrorist Group (CTG) as to the reduction of their firepower capability.

This recovery was a result of the effective Community Support Program (CSP) bridging government services to reach the far-flung areas or the Geographically Isolated and Disadvantaged Areas (GIDAs) where the people are now availing the various services of the government that was hampered before by the CTGs.

People get tired and fed up of the CTGs lies and deception, a number of UGMOs have turned their backs to these terrorists and decided to return to the mainstream.

Also, many red fighters are already low morale due to hardship,hunger and the relentless operations of the 71st IB that resulted to the influx of surrenderees and capture of their firearms.

As of this writing, Kaibigan Battalion recorded 247 surrenderees, capture or recovered 20 high-powered firearms and 22 low-powered firearms and eight (8) IEDs.

"This turn of events have significantly affected the morale of the red fighters as most of them returned to the folds of the law and are now beneficiaries of the ECLIP and are now living peacefully with their families," Lieutenant Colonel Sonny E Gonzales Commanding Officer of 71st IB said.

"I call on the remaining insurgents to lay their arms and live a harmonious and peaceful life. Truly, this manifests that EO70 or the Whole of Nation Approach is really working," he added.

Source: Civil-Military Operations Office, 71st Infantry Battalion, 7th Infantry Division, PA 

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