Friday, October 9, 2020

Tribal Leaders Break Silence and Condem the CTG

PLACER, Surigao del Norte - Fed up with NPA’s false hope and brutality, the Mamanwa Tribal Leaders broke their silence and condemned the communist-NPA-terrorists during the community dialogue conducted in Sitio Zapanta, Barangay Bangayan, Kitcharao, Agusan del Norte, Tuesday, October 6, 2020.

Datu Lando Anlagan, along with the three tribal leaders of CADT 134, opened up and raised the abuses and exploitations made by the communist terrorists against their communities. He said that, for years, they were indoctrinated with lies and deception and even lured to be part of the violent armed struggle. He openly admitted that their tribal communities became part of NPA’s ‘abanteng masa’ and their ancestral lands were used as ‘baseng guerilla.’

“Sa una tanan kami dinhi sa Zapanta miyembro sa ilang abanteng masa, ako mismo ang nanguna sa ilaha,” he admitted.

As he speaks before representatives of different agencies, he mentioned that the NPA took advantage of their situation and prevented them to avail government programs that could have made a difference in their lives.

“Gipugngan kami sa mga NPA nga magamit ang mga programa sa gobyerno, bisan ang pagtanum sa mga pananum sama sa abaca, saging ug paltaca alang sa among kapanginabuhian gidili sa mga NPA,” he added.

On the other hand, the tribal leaders said that they already cut their association with the communist terrorist group, and they are now taking the path of peace towards betterment. They also gave the assurance that they will fully support the government so that peace and prosperity will be achieved in their respective communities.

In his message, Col. George L Banzon, Commander of 901st Infantry (Fight’Em) Brigade, stated that Zapanta Valley was known to many as a hotbed of insurgency. He even cited that the bloodshed from the armed conflict tainted the ancestral land of the indigenous people.

“Zapanta Valley is a well-known place in Kitcharao wherein the name has been associated with armed conflict and violence. With these undertakings, I am very grateful that we are making the big steps in bringing the quantum lift in the lives of the Mamanwa in Zapanta Valley” he said.

He even urged the tribal leaders to convey the message to their fellow Mamanwas, who are still at lost, that there’s no future in the armed struggle fueled by false ideology. He further stressed they must be united and protect each other for sake of their community.

“Ako naghangyo sa idjo naipasabot sa ila na wayay marajaw na kaabtan ang ilang pasanib sa armadong pakigbisog nan New People’s Army. Magtinabangay kita para salbaron an ato mga lumon na nailad nan mga NPA na muiban sa ila tujo na puohon an ato demokratikong gobyerno pinaagi sa ila maduguong armadong pakigbisog.” he explained in Surigaonon dialect.

With the recent development, Datu Lando and the entire Mamanwa Tribe of Zapanta Valley are hopeful that all their aspirations will be realized and their place will now become a worthy place to live in.

Source: Civil-Military Operations Office, 901st Infantry Brigade, 9th Infantry Division, PA

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