Monday, November 16, 2020

Government Troops Seize NPA Terrorist Hideout, Capture High Powered Firearm and Improvised Explosive Device (IED) in an Armed Clash in Paquibato District

PAQUIBATO, Davao City - An armed clash ensues between elements of the 27th Infantry Battalion against a group of Communist terrorists at around 4:00 PM, November 11, 2020, at Sitio Calanutan, Brgy Malabog, Paquibato District, Davao City.

The armed clash is the second encounter within the week following the 10-minute encounter last November 10 at Sitio Napo of Brgy Paquibato Proper against the same group under ARIAN JANE OCHETA RAMOS alias MARIKIT.

After the encounter in Sitio Napo, 27IB troopers pursue the fleeing armed group and again engage by the troops under 1LT KEVIN FULGAR PA in the forested area of Sitio Calanutan, Brgy Malabog.

After a more or less 40-minute firefight, the bewildered NPA terrorists scamper in different directions. The government forces seize NPA terrorist hideout and capture one (1) M16 rifle, five (5) NPA terrorist backpacks containing personal belongings, one (1) anti-personnel landmine, two (2) gas stoves, four (4) cooking pots, and four (4) hammocks.

No one was hurt from the government troops and no civilian was displaced since the encounter site is far from the community.

It can be recalled that last October 27, 2020, the same armed group was encountered by government forces in Sitio Langub of the same barangay that resulted in the recovery of a high-powered firearm, IED and backpacks containing personal belongings, medicines, and food supplies.

The said encounter was due to a tip provided by the locals.

According to LTC VICTORINO SEÑO INF (GSC) PA, Commander of 27IB, with the continued whole of nation approach coupled with people support, the NPA terrorist particularly the members of GF55 are continuously losing their influence in the area as manifested by reliable reports provided by the residents.

Appealing again to the remaining rebels to lay down their arms, “it is time for you to surrender before it is too late and we will assure you that you will be treated well just like your former comrades who are now living peacefully,” he added.

A similar call was made by the captured NPA couple to their former comrades to surrender guaranteeing that the government will accept them and help them go back to the mainstream society with their families.

It can be recalled that the captured NPA couple reunites with their children after two (2) years when the government troops accompanied their children together with their grandmother at Headquarters of 27IB for a surprise reunion.

The Commander of 1003rd Infantry Brigade, BGEN NOLASCO A MEMPIN PA lauded the troops for their relentless efforts in pursuing the fleeing terrorists.

He further encouraged them to pursue these NPA terrorists in support of the local government unit of Davao City’s uninterrupted implementation of government programs and projects in geographically isolated and disadvantaged areas (GIDAs).

Source: Civil-Military Operations Office, 27th Infantry Battalion, Joint Task Force Agila, PA

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